Can you help us?

The development of the association will not be possible without the support of individuals and businesses.

To make progress on the many planned projects we will need a constant cash flow.

Can you help us flourish?

Download our guide here:

Sponsorship Proposal (932 downloads)

Individual Donations

You can make a one off or recurring donation on the website here.

Your donation is greatly appreciated, and as a registered non-profit NGO (Registro de Asociaciones G1/S1/26183-22/GC), you should be able to declare your contribution in your annual returns (in Spain), ask us if your accountant needs more details!

Business Donations

We want to work with companies, particularly those in the LGBTI sector, but also with society in general to achieve our mission.

As a business, a donation will demonstrate your support for social purposes. You can also benefit from offsetting it against tax obligations.

If you wish to support our objectives, please contact us by sending an email to info@checkpointcanarias.com or by phone at +34 828 6 43210.

Cooperation Agreement

There are also options to agree on a collaboration agreement between your business and our association.

Normally we could agree on a small contribution per sale, per reservation or another concept, for example, that would be destined to support our work.

Fiscal benefits to business

On this page you can read information about possible tax deductions as a result of making a donation or contributing by agreement. Please note this in Spanish and applies to the Spanish territory. Businesses in other countries may have similar benefits available, and you should consult your tax specialists.

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